Specialty Services

Breast cancer lymphedema

All therapists are certified lymphedema a therapist to ensure you get the care you with knowledgeable and skilled staff.

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Patient’s lymphedema treatment session will include

ABI using Ultrasound Doppler

Manual lymph drainage (MLD)

Swelling/Volume control


Compression garment fitting

Fibrosis management

Custom "Chip" pack



Patient Education



All lymphedema therapists are certified

Taking Care of Your Needs

Patient’s lymphedema therapy session will include

Routes the lymphatic fluid out of the tissues and back into lymphatic vessels.

Applies pressure to the extremities to help with swelling.

Helps promote lymph movement and drainage.

To sustain range of motion in affected limb.

Our vestibular therapists are certified in vestibular and concussion therapy. Our unique system helps retrain the vestibular system from the head, eyes and musculoskeletal system

Aging, physical changes, health conditions, and even medications can increase the risk of falls in the home. Our highly trained clinicians can assess physical challenges like balance, flexibility, muscle strength and gait, and identify potential hazards in the home that are increasing an individual’s risk for falls. From this information, our team can create a customized program to help significantly reduce a patient’s fall risk.

Our team of therapists are trained in performing wheelchair assessments, as well as, filling out all paperwork and documentation to ensure patients get the mobility device meeting the patient’s specific needs. Our team works directly with certified ATP’s to ensure a seamless process.


Our Post-Operative Programs deliver protocol-specific plans individualized and tailored to each physician-specific surgical procedure.

Our team utilizes evidence-based measures to improve patient’s outcomes and recovery. We ensure our highly skilled therapist has outpatient clinic experience and is well versed in manual therapy techniques. We provide pre-surgery home safety evaluations and DME set-up for patients discharged home to ensure each patient has all equipment.